Spacetaurant is a mobile, casual idle game combining management and gathering.
The game is about running a futuristic and cute restaurant on a intergalactic highway.
You play as the owner of the restaurant, who collects and grows ingredients to make sure all your customers leave your restaurant satisfied and hopefully leave you a good review.

Spacetaurant was part of R2G - a game development acceleration program.

R2G was created by a collaboration between:
Road2, a startup greenhouse funded by the Israel Innovation Authority.
and Tiltan, the college I study Game Development in.

Spacetaurant development had to be cut short because I wanted to focus on Phantom Beasts’s development.

My part in the project

Spacetaurant was a team of 3 people: I was the solo developer of the game, one was the game designer and producer and the 3rd was the artist of the game. As the solo developer of the game I was in charge of designing and writing all the systems of the game, as well as tools to be used by the game designer.


  • The idle nature of the game required offline systems to calculate how many customers arrived since the player last logged in.
  • I created a versatile save system to save the data between each login of the player.
  • I created a inventory, recipes and crafting system.
  • Input system using Unity’s new input system, with easy to change profile and aim assist.


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