About the game

Logo Survive The Void is a 2D, randomly generated, isometric sandbox game in a fantastic alien space, inspired by Minecraft’s SkyBlock mod.

Survive The Void was the Unity project in Advanced Unity course I did in my 2nd year of my game development bachelor degree.

My part in the project

Survive The Void was a team of 5 developers, which I was both lead developer and producer. As the lead I had to divide the work, monitor the design process and implementation, but I also built most of the main systems of the game.


In Survive The Void I designed and built multiple systems with emphasis on object oriented:

  • I built the world system, which was a optimized chunk based, infinite, randomly generated, dynamically loaded and serializable map system.
  • Locomotion system with a custom collision system.
  • Serializable and optimized time based event system to support huge amount of world time events.