About the game

Logo Paws Of Fury is a 2.5D mobile battle arena game, Where real-time strategy meets puzzle. The game combines elements from tower defense, collectible card games and merging.

Paws Of Fury was made as my Production course project in my 2nd year.

My part in the project

I was the solo developer of the game, and I built and designed all of the systems of the game.


Paws Of Fury development was focused on creating a game which feels complete, so many meta mechanics had to be created:

  • Optimized and flexible save system.
  • Player game progress with level, cards, coins and “goo”.
  • Card merging and rewards.
  • Detailed card data with flexible UI.

Paws Of Fury wasn’t lacking of in-game systems like:

  • State-Machine based AI system.
  • Flexible stats system to support multiple buffs and debuffs (like slow, attack speed, armor and many more), damage over time, heal, etc'.
  • Advanced targeting system that’s supports “ghost” and tank (taunt) characters, player targeting and different prioritizing rules per character like lowest-health-first, closest-first and many more.
  • Tile based editor tool to easily create levels.